VeraPDF: AN INDUSTRY-SUPPORTED PDF/A CONFORMANCE CHECKER (funded for the design and prototyping phases – view more)

by Open Preservation Foundation, PDF Association, Digital Preservation Coalition, Dual Lab, KEEP SOLUTIONS

A unique collaboration, the VeraPDF Consortium brings together an end user community and a software industry rooted in the principle of interoperability based on ISO standardized technology. The VeraPDF consortium will generate an authoritative corpora of test files and execute the development of a purpose built implementation checker, associated policy checker optimized for the use of digital preservationists, and metadata fixer software.

The VeraPDF consortium’s end product will be an industry-supported conformance checking software for PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3 under GPLv3 or later and MPLv2 or later open source licenses together with a substantial and enthusiastic community supporting and extending the model.

DIGITAL PRESERVATION VALIDATION FRAMEWORK (funded only for the design phase – view more)

by Preservica

The Digital Preservation Validation Framework will create a mechanism for combining format validation, conformance to organisation format policy, metadata correction and reporting into a single coherent solution. This solution will be able to be used stand-alone (e.g., after file creation) or embedded into a digital repository solution (e.g., as part of ingest or preservation planning activities in an OAIS-compatible workflow). To illustrate this clearly the framework will become the standard means of performing these functions within the Preservica product.

DPF MANAGER: DIGITAL PRESERVATION FORMATS MANAGER (funded for the design and prototyping phases – view more)

by Easy Innova

Easy Innova proposes the development of a unique open platform specially designed to be a reference on conformance validation and file preparation of multiple standard formats for long-term preservation. One of its main features will be the capability to be integrated with other open source projects and proprietary applications, providing in a simple way a great range of tools to gain full control over the validation and preservation of digital content. The platform will be strategically modularized and prepared to easily incorporate conformance checkers for other formats and other multiple value-added functionalities (viewers, conversion, repair, optimization, …).

LIBIS/AWARE CONFORMANCE CHECKER FOR TIFF (funded only for the design phase – view more)

by Libis Library It Services of KU Leuven, AWare Systems

The tool checks if a file is conform to the TIFF specification, but also if there are elements in the file that will hinder long-term preservation. The tool also includes a preservation policy checker. You can define your own policy or you can use the policies defined by the SCAPE project to help you build your preservation policy. The policy also indicates maturity levels, so the preservation policy can be used to compose a plan to grow in maturity.

The plug-in based tool supports the TIFF file format, but will also be extended to include support for a wider range of file formats. The toll will be available as a stand-alone client that will run on Windows, Linux and MacOS X and as a web service for Windows and Linux. The TIFF plug-in will have an open source version with limited features and a pro version with more functionality. The open source version will support TIFF as defined in the Challenge Brief, while the pro version will include broad and full support for the wider range of options available for TIFF.

MEDIACONCH – CONformance CHecking for audiovisual files (funded for the design and prototyping phases – view more)


MediaArea proposes utilizing MediaInfo as a foundational building block for the PREFORMA conformance and policy checkers. Our software development strategy focuses on crossplatform, integratable solutions for the digital preservation community using open licenses and an agile, transparency working model.

MediaArea proposes developing standards for rule and policy expression and implementing assessment of such rules against large and small scale collections via command line tools, programmatic libraries, and graphical user interfaces to return standardized expressions of collection conformity in the practical interests of long-term preservation.

OPEN MEDIA CHECK (funded only for the design phase – view more)

by Université Catholique de Louvain, IntoPIX, Skemmi

OpenMediaCheck is a digital archive management platform, based on the proven modular and extensible software architecture of ”OpenInterface”, a flexible tool able to run a set of external media manipulation tools combined in easy to define workflows.

OpenMediaCheck is delivered with a set of audiovisual checkers based on the OpenJPEG code, the official JPEG2000 reference source code but stays fully open to third-party tools. UCL has a business model to maintain and sustain the open source platform and its developers community.