University of Skövde is one of the most specialised universities in Sweden and our research is focused on the development and use of advanced information technology systems and models.

Over a number of years research we have addressed various aspects of openness. Our research team brings to PREFORMA significant experience of research and practice related to Open Source and Open Standards. Specifically, we contribute expertise concerning different stakeholder roles (including providers, developers and users) in this area.

Previous activities include involvement as partner and leader in several international and national research projects. In collaboration with leading academic partners we conducted rigorous research in the EU FP6 CALIBRE project (2004-2006), which involved novel research and extensive interaction with European industry and presented a roadmap for future research on the Open Source phenomenon. As partners in the CALIBRE-project, the ITEA-project COSI and the ITEA2-project OPEES, we have experience of international collaboration, and close collaboration with many leading researchers and practitioners in areas related to the Open Source phenomenon. Current activities include research on various aspects of openness impacting on long-term sustainability of software systems with associated digital assets.

University of Skövde is a academic member in the Eclipse Industry Working Group PolarSys ( Through PolarSys, which focuses on very long-term maintenance of software engineering tools, we are well positioned to address challenges relevant for PREFORMA that concern very long-term support and maintenance of software systems and associated digital assets.



Leader of WP6 Prototyping, of Task 2.3 Technical Specifications, Task 4.2 Open Source Portal & Supplier Community and Task 8.3 Monitoring of the development and reporting of demonstrations.


Bitr. Prof. Björn Lundell (Ph.D.) is the lead researcher at the University of Skövde’s Informatics Research Centre. He is currently the project leader for the industrially focused ORIOS project on Open Source implementations of standards. He participated in EU FP6 (CALIBRE) and ITEA (COSI) and was Skövde’s lead researcher for the ITEA2-project OPEES, which focused on support and very long-term maintenance of software tools and its associated digital assets. He was program co-chair for the 8th International Conference on Open Source Systems 2012 (and organiser of the 5th International Conference on Open Source Systems 2009), founding fellow of the Open Forum Academy, and founding chair of Open Source Sweden (an industrial association of Swedish Open Source companies).

Dr. Jonas Gamalielsson is a researcher at the University of Skövde´s Informatics Research Centre. He has extensive experience of software systems, both from industry and academia since 1990, and he is currently participating in the ORIOS project (2012-2015), an industrially focused project financially supported by the Swedish Knowledge foundation (KK-stiftelsen), which explores standards and their implementations in Open Source software in collaboration with a number of different organisations. In the context of this and other projects Dr. Gamalielsson has gained significant experience concerning different kinds of research studies involving analysis of software standards and Open Source software implementations.