Promoter is a Pisa-based company established in 1996. Its core competencies emerge from the fusion of expertise and experiences in the areas of information & communication technologies, multimedia innovation, business promotion and project management

Promoter operates in several fields, including technical development of ICT platforms and web-design, multimedia production, electronic and web publishing, corporate consulting, and dedicated online services for the promotion of culture and tourism.

Promoter features solid and longstanding experience in the management of EU projects, with particular regard to the dissemination and communication activities, having been involved in many initiatives since the early 1990s. Currently, Promoter is contributing to the following EU projects: CULTURA (FP7-ICT), EUROPEANA PHOTOGRAPHY (CIP Pilot B), DCH-RP (FP7 e-Infrastructures), EAGLE (CIP BPN), RICHES (FP7 SSH), DIXIT (FP7 Marie-Curie Action), EUROPEANA SPACE (CIP BPN).

Dissemination/marketing strategy, software development, system design, technology transfer, academy/industry collaboration, business architecture, consultancy and project management represent the main expertise of the company.



Promoter will provide the Technical Coordinator, to follow the daily progress of the work, ensure that all milestones are met, monitor the usage of resources and facilitate the communication among the partners. Furthermore, Promoter will provide the coordination of outreach activities, giving publicity to the call for tender and disseminating the results of the project to the target audiences. This will be achieved through the development of a dedicated web presence which includes the project website and the use of the Digital Meets Culture communication platform, an on-line magazine that collects and shares information and events regarding digital culture on a global scale. The platform serves as a useful tool for the dissemination of PREFORMA by giving visibility to the project’s activities and achievements to the widest audience.


Antonella Fresa

Antonella Fresa. ICT expert, General Manager and Administrator of company Promoter, she’s been working on European cooperation projects since 1994. Technical Coordinator of EC projects EUROPEANA PHOTOGRAPHY (CIP Pilot B), DCH-RP (FP7 CSA), EAGLE (CIP BPN), EUROPEANA SPACE (CIP BPN), and Communication manager of RICHES (FP7 SSH) and PREFORMA (FP7 ICT Pre-Commercial Procurement). She manages the provision of communication services to Sii-Mobility Project (Smart Cities Programme) and she is Associate Partner Representative in the DIXIT Consortium (Marie-Curie Programme). Previously: Technical Coordinator of LINKED HERITAGE project, advisor of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Technical Coordinator of DC-NET ERA-NET, INDICATE, MINERVA and MICHAEL series, Project Officer at the European Commission between 1999 and 2002. She is Project Manager of online communication Platform powered by Promoter.