Greek Film Center is a public benefit non-profit legal entity. It is administratively and financially autonomous and operates in the public interest. It is governed by private law and by the provisions of the 3905/2010 law. The main objective of Greek Film Center is to support and co-produce films of Greek Artists. The largest part of the Greek Film Centre’s budget is invested in film production. Particular emphasis is given to supporting the attempts of new filmmakers but in its selections, a special place is reserved for the films of more mature directors who already have a distinguished filmography to their credit.

As a result of this activity, it holds an extended movie database and archive ranging during a period of more than a century, from 1908 to 2010. The GFC is focusing to actions that further preserve, save, build and demonstrate – using the latest technology – a significant number of films. That broadens the possibilities of cultural and commercial promotion of Greek cinema providing information not only to interested professional or scholars, but also to any potential member of the public.



Memory institutions contributing to the analysis of requirements for the audio-visual domain, provision of data sets for testing, dissemination and networking.


Grigoris Karantinakis

Grigoris Karantinakis was born in Athens in 1961. He has been holding the position of the General Director for the Greek Film Center since 2011 following a public call for expressions of interest. Before that, he was an artistic associate of the Artistic Director on National Theatre of Northern Greece exercising decision making upon the repertory of each theatrical period. He has worked in three sectors, Film, Theatre and TV projects as a director, co-director and scriptwriter. He has been involved as a Director and Co-scriptwriter in multiple filmography, theatre and TV projects. Some of his very latest works are: “Dionysus Feast”, “Electra” and “The girl in black”. He also taught as drama tutor in several drama and film schools. He holds a Master of Fine Arts from National Cinema School (V.G.I.K.) in Moscow and a Set and Costume Design Degree from LS Film School in Athens. His mother tongue is Greek but he also speaks Russian fluently.

Anna Kasimati

Anna Kasimati holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from the Coventry University in England and a Master of Arts in Communication Policy Studies from the City University of London. Currently she studies Communication, Media and Culture at the equivalent Department of Panteion University, Greece. She has almost 10 years of experience in Communication, Media and cultural issues. During the last three years she has been appointed as a Head of Research and Programmes Office of the GFC for the implementation, operation, monitoring and management of approved projects under the National Strategic Reference Framework-NSRF and of other European funds at national level.