Hosted by: Open Preservation Foundation

Date: 08 September 2016, 15:00 CEST​


DPF Manager is a multi-platform application and a framework designed to empower end users and developers to gain full control over the technical properties and structure of TIFF images intended for Long Term Preservation. In considering the suitability of particular Data object for the purposes of preserving digital information as an authentic resource for future generations, relies on the use of a stable, open and well documented file format as well as some data object properties acceptance criteria.

The DPF Manager objective is to give memory institutions full control over TIFF images. The DPF Manager main features are:

  • ​TIFF file identification based on the TIFF Baseline specifications Revision 6.
  • ​Validating the conformance to a specific normative. These normative can be defined by some ISO standard like TIFF/EP or TIFF/IT or specific acceptance criteria based on a locally-defined policy rules
  • ​Fixing the TIFF file while preserving the Image Representation, in order to make it more suitable for long term preservation.
  • ​User and machine readable report in different formats, including the data object structure and metadata as well as the validation result.

Some Long Term Preservation activities may conflict with goal of raid production and dissemination of digital information. DPF Manager aims to reduce the time and effort required to revise file structure, metadata and the institution acceptance criteria as well as giving advice about image preservability.

For more information about DPF Manager project visit:


  • ​Introduction to PREFORMA, Börje Justrell (Riksarkivet) & Claudio Prandoni (Promoter Srl): download PDF
  • ​DPF Manager, Xavier Tarrés & Víctor Muñoz (Easy Innova): download PDF