This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement no 619568


Xena stands for “XML Electronic Normalising for Archives” and was developed by the National Archives of Australia as part of their Digital Preservation Software Platform. Normalising is the conversion of digital files to a range of preservation formats that are open, well supported, universally available, and look to remain viable for a long period. Xena is similar to DROID in that it detects the file format of a digital object. However, Xena goes one step further and also transforms digital files into open formats for long term preservation. Xena is a good tool in the battle against file format obsolescence as its conversion ability mitigates the risk of not being able to access files years later, especially those in proprietary formats.

Xena is free and open source software developed by the National Archives of Australia to aid in the long term preservation of digital records. Xena is an acronym meaning Xml Electronic Normalising for Archives.

Xena is a component of the Digital Preservation Software Platform (DPSP).

Xena software aids digital preservation by performing two important tasks:

detecting the file formats of digital objects

converting digital objects into open formats for preservation.

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