This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement no 619568


Date: 14 April 2015

Venue: PREFORMA Adobe Connect virtual room


14:00 Short introduction (Börje Justrell from Riksarkivet, Project Coordinator, Antonella Fresa from Promoter, Technical Coordinator and Peter Pharow from Fraunhofer, WP5 Leader)

14:10 Results of the evaluation (Claudio Prandoni from Promoter, Communication Manager)

14:15 Presentation of the Prototyping phase (Börje Justrell and Magnus Geber from Riksarkivet, WP6 Leader)

  - Communication channels

  - Important Dates for the Prototyping phase

  - Plan for the releases

  - Plan for the periodic meetings

  - Next events: OS Workshop, Exp. Workshop, Final Conf.

  - Interoperability of different conformance checkers

  - Additional features (quality of implementation)

14.35 Contract and payment (Per Elfner from Riksarkivet)

14.40 Open Source Portal (Claudio Prandoni from Promoter)

14.45 Q&A session for the suppliers to raise a few questions of generic nature and interest.

15.00 End of meeting

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