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Thursday 7 April 2016

Morning Session: Kungliga biblioteket, Auditorium. Chair: Antonella Fresa, Promoter Srl

08,30 – 09,00 Registration

09,00 – 09,15 Welcome and introduction (Börje Justrell, PREFORMA Project Coordinator & Lars Ilshammar, Deputy National Librarian at the National Library)

09,15 – 09,30 PREFORMA and the Open Source community (Börje Justrell, Riksarkivet), download PDF

09,30 – 10,30 Free software and open formats: virtual immortality and independence for digital archives (Peter Bubestinger, open source and digital preservation expert), download PDF

   Abstract: The creation and sustainability of digital content heavily depends on the applications and data formats involved in its life cycle. Free Software (Open Source) licenses and Open Formats give archives the control over their workflow environment and content: It enables them to operate vendor-independent and without artificial restrictions. Beyond the typical product-lifecycle. This talk will analyze the professionalism and practical usage of Free Software in digital audio/video archives, as well as give some real-world examples, like the lossless codec FFV1 – and how projects like PREFORMA can facilitate and encourage collaboration between institutions with similar needs.

10,30 – 11,00 Coffee break

11,00 – 12,00 The relevance of FOSS license compatibility (Till Jaeger, Certified Copyright and Media Law Attorney, JBB Rechtsanwälte), download PDF

   Abstract: The legal impact of copyleft clauses in FOSS licenses is not restricted to the question whether or not own developments have to be licensed as FOSS under the same license conditions. If code under various FOSS licenses is combined into one single program a compatibility check is needed to avoid the violation of the affected licenses. This talk explains the background and the legal aspects of such a compatibility check.

12,00 – 12,30 Open Science, Open Data: towards a new transparent and reproducible ecosystem (Melanie Imming, LIBER Europe), download PDF

   Abstract: LIBER is the main network for research libraries in Europe, with more than 400 members. As a library membership organization, LIBER works on addressing Open Science barriers. Standardisation of file formats can really help in overcoming some of these barriers: it enables us to process and preserve data in a controlled way, it helps ensure that outputs are really open and accessible in the long term and it improves interoperability of new tools and services. Making sure data is stored in a controlled way and can be (re) used today and in the future is an important element in Open Science. We see this as not only a technical challenge but also a social one: awareness, trust and community building is needed in order to ensure uptake of these standards. Libraries therefore have a valuable role to play in the development of good research data management throughout all phases of the Open Data lifecycle.

12,30 – 13,30 Lunch break

Afternoon Session: Finlandshuset konferens, Sibelius Hall (Sibeliussalen). Chair: Björn Lundell, University of Skövde

13,30 – 14,00 VeraPDF: The PDF/A conformance checker accepted industry-wide (Carl Wilson, Open Preservation Foundation), download PDF

14,00 – 14,30 DPF Manager: Digital preservation formats manager (Miquel Montaner and Xavier Tarrés Bonet, Easy Innova), download PDF

14,30 – 15,00 MediaConch: Conformance checking for audiovisual files (Jérôme Martinez and Dave Rice,, download PDF

15,00 – 18,00 Visit of the exhibition

  Exhibitors: PREFORMA Project, veraPDF, Easy Innova,

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