This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement no 619568


The conformance checker software developed by PREFORMA is intended for use within the OAIS Reference Framework (

The conformance checker facilitates memory institutions in obtaining sufficient control of the information in an OAIS Archive, provided to the level needed to ensure Long Term Preservation.

The conformance check enables implementation of the following OAIS functions:

Quality assurance at Ingest, validating (QA results) the successful transfer of the SIP to the temporary storage area.

Generate AIP at Ingest, transforming one or more SIPs into one or more AIPs that conform to the Archive’s data formatting standards and documentation standards.

Archival Information Update at Ingest, providing a mechanism for updating (repackaging, transformation) the contents of the Archive.

Additionally, the conformance checker allows Producers to check whether a file conforms to the technical criteria before submission of a file to an OAIS Archive.

The network of common interest facilitates following OAIS functions by memory institutions operating an OAIS Archive:

Monitor Designated Communities for Preservation Planning, interacting with Archive Consumers and Producers to track changes in their service requirements and available product technologies.

Develop Preservation Strategies and Standards for preservation planning, developing and recommending strategies and standards, and for assessing risks, to enable the Archive to make informed tradeoffs as it establishes standards, sets policies, and manages its system infrastructure.

Establishing Standards and Policies by the Administration of the Archive system and maintain them.

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