This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement no 619568


The Media File Checker is a software agent developed in the framework of the Europeana Creative project as part of the Content Re-use Framework. It performs automated checking and gathering of technical properties linked to Europeana data Model (EDM) entities (edm:WebResources). The Media File Checker software must be able to examine all Digital Objects linked from Europeana and:

Recognise the following file formats: jpg, png, tiff, MP4, mov, WEBM, MP3, FLAC, WAV, APE, pdf, txt, epub, xml and rtf.

Determine the resolution of still images and video files.

Determine the sample rate and bit depth of audio.

Determine if a text file can be fully searched.

The Media File Checker is hosted by the Europeana Foundation and will run continuously to be able to run against the entire Europeana dataset. It can also be directed to specific collections to determine the above-described data and will store the resulting metadata as (enriched) metadata related to the edm:WebResource.

The first version that is already available provides a collection of static functions that wrap around some of the best media analysis libraries available. These include ImageMagick for images, FFMPEG for audio and video and, iTextPDF for PDF files. The service updates metadata resources that link to the content to include information on dimensions, MIME types, color spaces or palettes and quality.

The second version that is currently being designed introduces a Content Analyzer to perform classification of content and enable the use of more specialized analysis tools.

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