This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement no 619568


Project Management Team (PMT). The PMT is responsible for the management, work and direction of the whole project; the work packages; the supervision of the technical and scientific work; and for decisions concerning the overall project management.

Members of the PMT are the Project Coordinator (Chair), the Technical Coordinator (TC), the Scientific Coordinator (SC), the Communication Coordinator (CC), the Innovation Manager (IM) and the Work Package Leaders (WPL).

The Project Coordinator (PC) Borje Justrell (RIKSARKIVET) is responsible for the overall coordination of the project and is the contact person for the European Commission. The PC is in charge of the project planning and monitoring, progress reports, milestone reports, cost statements, audit certificates, budgetary overviews and reviews of the organization. The PC is assisted by experts on administrative, financial and legal matters.

The Technical Coordinator (TC) Antonella Fresa (PROMOTER) focuses equally on the coordination of the work of the partners, including ad-hoc face-to-face meeting, virtual meetings, direct mailing and telephone conferences, etc., and on monitoring and facilitating the correct execution of the project planning, including the scheduling of the project, periodic reporting and quality of the deliverables.

The Scientific Coordinator (SC) Nicola Ferro (UNIPD) is responsible for monitoring the project’s scientific work and providing assistance and cross-coordination for the researchers in the project. The SC also monitors progress towards the scientific objectives of the project, creating and fostering connections with other research activities, and ensuring excellence of the research results. The SC is also the WP7 Leader.

The Communication Coordinator (CC) Claudio Prandoni (PROMOTER) is responsible for coordinating the communication activities, with particular regard to the work achieved in WP2, WP3 and WP4. The CC also monitors progress towards the outreach objectives of the project, creating synergies and cooperation with other memory institutions that are not partner in the project but that will join the PREFORMA network of common interest. The CC ensures balance and efficiency of the project communication. The CC is also the WP4 Leader.

The Innovation Manager (IM) Claudio Prandoni (AEDEKA) will ensure that the project will stay focused in the final period on the overall objective of leaving the results in a form that is consistent, complete and documented so that it is possible for any interested party to make use of the materials processed, data collected, and software developed after the end of the funding period, thus fostering the uptake of the PREFORMA outcomes.

General Assembly (GA). The GA, chaired by the PC, is the highest authority of the project where each partner is represented. Major changes in the project are decided by the GA, and the project milestones are monitored for suitable planning and timely completion. GA decides on (re)allocation of resources or redefinition of work packages, changes in partner participation and is responsible for resolving conflicts based on the principles agreed in the Consortium Agreement e.g. IPR issues.

Advisory Board (AB). To ensure that the project will keep in line with the needs of memory institutions, an AB has been established. The AB is chaired by the PC and consists of experts appointed by organisations outside the consortium that have skills which are useful for the project. All members of the AB must have solid expertise in the context of preservation of cultural heritage but also competence for international projects. The AB may suggest recommendations for the development of the exploitation strategy and possible new actions to continue the research.

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