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DPF Manager is an open source modular TIFF conformance checker that is extremely easy to use, to integrate with existing and new projects, and to deploy in a multitude of different scenarios. It is designed to help archivists and digital content producers ensure that TIFF files are fit for long term preservation, and is able to automatically suggest improvements and correct preservation issues. The team developing it has decades of experience working with image formats and digital preservation, and has leveraged the support of 60+ memory institutions to draft a new ISO standard proposal (TIFF/A) specifically designed for long term preservation of still-images. An open source community will be created and grown through the project lifetime to ensure its continuous development and success. Additional commercial services will be offered to make DPF Manager self-sustainable and increase its adoption.

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​Instructions how to install and use the software:

User Manual:

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DPF manager webinar:

Presentation of the results of the design phase: download PDF

Functional Specification: download PDF

Questionnaire analysis: download PDF

Technical specification: download PDF

TI/A Standard Proposal (previously TIFF/A): download PDF

Intellectual Property Rights report: download PDF

Open Source Best Practices and Dissemination: download PDF

Business Commercialization Plan: download PDF



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