This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement no 619568


PREFORMA is open to collaboration with experts, organisations, institutions and other projects in order to find synergies and discuss opportunities for cooperation.

The network of common interest of PREFORMA will be set up with representatives from memory institutions, researchers and developers who are interested in contributing to the definition of requirements and taking part in the assessment and exploitation of the results produced by the suppliers.

We are very much interested in engaging with:

Memory institutions and cultural heritage organisations coordinating or representing memory institutions, that are involved in (or planning) digital culture initiatives, to use the tools developed by PREFORMA.

Developers contributing code for the PREFORMA tools as well as developers implementing the reference implementations in production software.

Research organisations providing technical advice and expertise to cultural stakeholders.

Standardisation bodies maintaining the technical specifications of the preservation formats addressed in PREFORMA.

Funding agencies, such as Ministries of Culture and national/regional administrations, that own and manage digitisation programmes and may endorse the use of the PREFORMA tools in the digitisation process.

Best practice networks endorsing the use of open standards in creating and managing digital content.

Other projects in the digital culture, e-Infrastructures and policy arenas.


Join us in testing and improving the conformance checkers!

You could become one of the pioneer institutions to test and implement the new open source tools developed in PREFORMA!


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