This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement no 619568


Archivematica digital preservation system is a compilation of open source tools to set up a digital repository. It provides in one effort a complete workflow for ingesting, normalising, storing and publishing digital assets. It has gained popularity among memory institutions that do not have access to a centralised digital repository infrastructure and have some IT capacity in house. PREFORMA aims to work on one specific step in the OAIS process, i.e. file validation.

Archivematica currently does not include a conformance checker and it focuses on file identification rather than validation.

The results of a survey launched this year by the PREFORMA project indicated that none of the PREFORMA partners has currently deployed a validation process as part of its ingest workflow, simply because the tools that are available are not performing adequately to include them in an automated workflow (see Deliverable D2.1).

One functionality that Archivematica shares with the PREFORMA tool is the policy checker. Archivematica allows the requirements for normalising files to be defined. This is combined immediately with a set of codes for transcoding files. If PREFORMA delivers a set of conformance checkers, Archivematica would benefit from integrating them in their toolchain.

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