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The mission of the Records Management, Archives and Publications Service (abbreviated SGDAP in Catalan) of the Girona City Council is to assure the preservation of and access to the municipal documentation, from the oldest documents to the most recent ones. For this reason, the SGDAP is structured in three specific but related services: the Girona Municipal Archives (AMGi) and the Centre for Image Research and Diffusion (abbreviated CRDI in Catalan), which are in charge of the management, handling and safekeeping of the municipal documentation and the city’s graphic documents, respectively, and the Municipal Publications Service, which is responsible for the dissemination of studies relating to the population and the territory of Girona city.

Through its specific services, the SGDAP is a key point of reference for professionals in Spain. For instance, the AMGi is a model institution in the handling and dissemination of historic documentation, as is shown precisely by the publication of the Document Collection of the Municipal Archives and by the design, implementation and operation of the system for managing the City Council’s documents.

The SGDAP website brings together information and resources from the AMGi, the CRDI and the Municipal Publications Service, including the free open consultation of digitised documents that total over two million pages from the press, 145.000 photographs (and the references of over 1.500.000) as well as over 1.700 hours of video, 630 hours of radio and more than 1.600 graphic documents (posters, prints, programmes, etc.), in addition to specific resources on past events in the city, Girona’s urban history, and photographic techniques and processes (daguerreotypes, chronophotography, albumen prints, etc.).



SGDAP, as a memory institution, wants to assure the preservation and access to the municipal documentation, from the oldest documents to the most recent ones. SGDAP’s digital documents include different types of file format: text, images, sound and video. These digital documents can be digitized or born digital.

SGDAP also participates and collaborates with international archival institutions such as ICA. International Council on Archives (, CCAAA. Co-ordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives Associations ( and CAA. Coordinadora de Asociaciones de Archiveros ( All these associations are to be used for the dissemination of the results of PREFORMA project.

Some international and national archival events, specially 2nd ICA Annual Conference, the 9th European Conference on Archives and the 13th Image and Research Conference –which will be hold in Girona from the 13th to the 15th of October 2014–, will be significant means of dissemination for spreading PREFORMA project knowledge.

Finally Girona City Council will disseminate information about the PREFORMA project and its results through local administration networks to promote the preservation of their digital documents at long term. The final software developed by PREFORMA project will be an important element in the Girona City Council system. It will contribute to verify digital documents before their ingest into these systems and improve their preservation at long term.


Joan Boadas i Raset has held the position of Girona Municipal Archivist since 1990. He also holds the positions of General Manager of the Cinema Museum, Director of Research and Image Diffusion Centre and is Head of the Municipal Records Management, Archives and Publications. He has written a number of books and articles on the topic of archives. He has been President of the Coordinator of Spanish Archivists Associations between 2003 and 2005 and President of the Catalonia Archivist Association (AAC) from 2001 to 2005 and is currently the representative of AAC on the SPA Steering Committee.  In May 2009 he was nominated ICA (International Council on archives) commissioner for photographic and audiovisual archives.

Lluís-Esteve Casellas i Serra is an archivist, Head of Department of Records Management and Manager Data Privacy at City Council of Girona. He worked as a private consultant for several public administrations on Records Management, and he has published works on those subjects, Archaeology and History. He’s member of the National Commission on Records Access and Appraisal (CNAATD) of Catalonia, and coordinator of the Working Group on Appraisal for the Municipal Records in Catalonia. He usually participates on university formative as the Escola Superior d'Arxivística i Gestió de Documents (ESAGED, High School of Archives and Records Management), International University of Andalucia, propagation meetings, working groups and projects, such as MoReq2, Latin American Forum of Appraisal Records (FIED), of ICA, InterPARES 3 and, currently, InterPARES TRUST.

David Iglésias Franch has held the position of archival technician at the Centre for Image Research and Diffusion (CRDI), from Girona City Council, since 2000. He has the degree in History by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), in Documentation by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and he is postgraduate in New Information Technologies by the Foundation of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). He is author and contributor of publications and exhibitions commissioner about photography and has conducted training on management of photographic collections and related fields in Spain. In recent years he has focused his research on digital image, subject on which he has published several articles and the book La fotografía digital en los archivos. Qué es y cómo se trata (2008). He is the coordinator of the Working Group in Photographic and Audiovisual Archives of the International Council on archives (ICA).

Sònia Oliveras i Artau is a computer science engineer at the Department of Records Management, Archives and Publications of the City Council of Girona, where she works on the digital records preservation, and data privacy management. She has been a lecturer on Electronic Records Management at the Escola Superior d'Arxivística i Gestió de Documents (ESAGED, High School of Archives and Records Management) of Autonomous University of Barcelona, and she has taught courses on this matter, Computer Science and Data Privacy at the University of Girona, the Girona City Council, the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo and in national, regional and local public administrations. She has collaborated in MoReq 2 revision and participated in the international project InterPARES 3, and has written and collaborated in different articles on Electronic Records Management.

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